Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.

This shit is fucking scary Omg

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130 years progress

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Ondrej Cernin
Prague, Czech Republic
Canon EOS 60D

Tell us about your process with these moment-in-time timelapse gifs, right from setting up to producing the final image. What usually inspires you to create these?

Although landscapes tend not to change too quickly, I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly the surrounding environment can change in a day, hours or even within minutes, and completely alter the resulting view. When you compare two photos taken from the same place, but at completely different times, the difference tends to be staggering. This is why I have tried to capture these transformations with timelapses.

Whenever I decide to put my camera down on a tripod and start filming, it typically means that I have come across a remarkable view that not only I would like to document, but also enjoy, as compared to taking photos, the long process of waiting a long time for filming allows me to sit down and actually enjoy my surroundings (despite always having to make sure the battery of my camera has not died yet). Not all situations are ideal for taking timelapses, as some sort of a change in the landscape is needed or else the timelapse simply looks like a photo, which is why scenes full of moving clouds, waves, people or even the sun are ideal. Then, after the fun part in the field comes the task of speeding up the video, and then exporting the frames into photoshop in order to make the gifs, which is always tricky in finding the right frame rate in order to portray the beauty of change in the landscape correctly.

Tumblr: @czechthecount



Jayme Gordon
Kelowna, BC
Canon EOS 6D

Tell us one secret about the beautiful places of British Columbia that the world is yet to know about. What keeps you inspired?

British Columbia is enormous. There are lots of well known shots and locations that many people have seen (Lynn Canyon, Brandywine Falls, etc), but these are the ones easily accessible and close to major cities. The reality is that the entire province is packed full of amazing locations and breathtaking scenery. You can go absolutely anywhere and find awesome places, the hard part is just investing that time to get there.

I have only seen a tiny fraction of BC and the world, and I like that photography gives me an excuse to get out and see more of it. My friends and I like to find interesting places, then make a trip out of going there and trying to get cool shots. Even if the place doesn’t turn out to be what we thought, its never a wasted trip; we still got to see somewhere different.

Tumblr: @jaymegordon
Instagram: @jayme_gordon


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Finally got my college diploma!

And once the pain goes away, that’s when the real battle starts. Depression, boredom… You feel so fucking low, you want to fucking top yourself.

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Paintings by Fajna Hanna


Joao Ruas